Promotion Package: 1 Month Property Promotion (Facebook/Google)


This promotion package runs alongside our normal marketing activities. You choose a monthly spend amount and we use the funds to purchase Facebook and Google adverts specifically showcasing your property.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in terms of its volume of users; the platform currently has around 1.5 billion monthly active users.  The only downside to Facebook is that in order to successfully market your property and reach your target audience you have to pay for it. Typically, a 3000 baht property Facebook boost (for 1 month) will reach around 2000-5000 people per day. We target adverts based on our prediction of the type of buyer most likely to be interested.

Targeted Google Ads for 1 month.  Google Ads works by showcasing your property at the top of Google search results pages for searches that are relevant to your property (name, location and target market).

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