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Sell for free

We connect serious buyers to high value investments.We are a 'top-end' company that connects serious buyers to high value investments such as condos, houses, land, boats and businesses. We mainly focus on the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). We deliver exceptional online services to affluent buyers looking for luxury investments. If you are looking to sell then please fill out the form below....

1 month promotion package

1 month property promotion on Facebook and Google. This promotion package runs alongside our normal marketing activities. You choose a monthly spend amount and we use the funds to purchase Facebook and Google adverts specifically showcasing your property.

3 month premium package
Premium Package

3 Month Property Promotion covering Facebook, Google and the Chinese property company, Juwai. Hosted in China, gets you behind the Great Firewall and in front of an exclusive audience of Chinese buyers. We do all the hard work for you, making reaching Chinese buyers simple, convenient and effective. We include a property translation in mandarin (150 word count), 20 Photos, 2 Floor plans and contact details.

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